In New England roofs are subject to 4 very different seasons of weather and each one of them has the potential to wreak havoc on roof drains. In the winter snow can pile up on a roof, in the spring that snow can melt causing large amounts of water to pool on roofs. The summer and fall can bring downpours that deposit large amounts of water on the roof of your building as well.

More often than not a commercial roof is a flat roof and if your drains are damaged or not properly maintained it can cause serious harm to both your roof and the rest of your building. Failure to provide efficient drainage on the surface of your roof can result in:

  • Mold
  • Rot
  • Moisture Retention

So it is extremely important to contact a roof drain repair specialist immediately if you think that the roof of your building isn’t draining properly.

Does You Need Roof Drain Repair?

If you believe that your roof drains are in need of repair contact United Building Experts at 508-401-7198 today. We can send out one of our technicians to assess your roof drainage problem and propose a solution to ensure that your roof isn’t being compromised by poor drainage.