There aren’t any off hours for a roof. Commercial roof damage could happen at anytime. It doesn’t matter if it is during the workday or not, in New England bad weather could strike at any time causing serious damage to your commercial roof.

United Building Experts offers emergency roof repair services in New England. Our service division has been trained across a wide range of commercial roofing systems and can offer a wide range of emergency roof repair services to ensure that your roof is free of leaks and any other damage that can occur.

Reasons For Emergency Roof Repair

There are a wide range of reasons your building may be in need of emergency roof repair services. Some of them may be preventable but there are others building owner simply can’t do anything about. Here are some of the most common reasons building owners are in need of emergency roof repair.

Common Reasons For Emergency Roof Repair

  • Building owner or manager has neglected to properly maintain and care for their commercial roof.
  • Surrounding trees have fallen on a commercial roof.
  • The commercial roofing system has suffered wind damage, resulting in sections of the roof being torn off.
  • Ice and water build up have compromised the seams of the roof.
  • The commercial roofing system was poorly installed.

Emergency Roof Repair Requires A Professional

It is important to remember that damage to your roof isn’t something to take lightly. You need to enlist the services of a true commercial roofing professional. Trying to inspect and repair your own roof could not only be dangerous but costly if you don’t have expert roofing knowledge and experience.

Emergency Roof Repair Experts in New England

If your building’s roof has been damaged and is in need of emergency roof repair, call us at 508-401-7198. We’ll schedule a service call and get up on your roof in no time.