United Building Experts works with building owners and facility managers all over New England to install new flat roofs on their buildings. One of the roofing systems we feel can provide the greatest value to our clients is the fluid applied roofing system. Here are some of the benefits building owners and managers can take advantage of when they have a fluid applied roofing system installed.

  1. Seamless Membrane- Many flat roof or commercial roofing systems roll out the roofing membrane. This creates a roof with many seams that give moisture a place to enter your building. Fluid applied roofing systems create a seamless membrane that rids your roof of any areas that would allow moisture to enter the building.
  1. No Need For Roof Tear Offs- Fluid applied roofing systems eliminate the need for roof tear offs. They can be directly applied to the existing roof deck. This can save you time and money, all while reducing your environmental impact.
  1. Minimal Disruption- Many times when a new roofing system is installed it can bring a great deal of disruption to the tenants inside of the building. Installing a fluid applied roofing system does not require seam welding, nails, or any other activities that could cause a major distraction to those inside the building.
  1. Built To Deal With Expansion and Contraction- Over time all roofs will expand and contract as the temperature changes. As most roofs expand and contract the nails and seams experience the most tension and begin to cause leaks in the roof. With fluid applied roofing systems not containing seams or nails, your building will be less likely to experience these leaks and damage over time.
  1. Sustainable Roofing Solutions- Fluid Applied Roofing Solutions are known to be both excellent at extending the life of a building’s roof while also reducing the maintenance associated with the roof. Of course you will need to perform some standard maintenance every 15 years or so, but nothing that would require any tearoffs.