United Building Experts is able to install some of the best EPDM or rubber roofing systems in New England.

EPDM or rubber roofing systems can come in various thicknesses. Generally rubber roofing systems come in measurements of 45 and 60 Mil. Building owners and facility manager can also choose rubber roofing systems in both black and white membranes.

Why Install Rubber Roofing Systems On Your Building?

There are a number of benefits for building owners and facility managers associated with installing rubber roofing systems on their commercial buildings. Here are some of them:

Built To Withstand a Wide Range of Temperatures

Rubber roofing systems are able to withstand both extreme cold and extreme heat. Rubber roofing systems will perform in temperatures ranging from -50F to 240F.

Strong and Built To Last

Rubber roofing systems will not crack or deteriorate over time.

High Tensile Strength

Your roofing system needs to be able withstand tension. A rubber roofing system can do just that with high tensile strength.


Rubber roofing systems are easy to marry up with other existing roofing systems. It’s likely that your existing roofing system is compatible with rubber.

Choice of Color

Rubber roofing systems can be installed in either black or white. Many building owners will choose to go with a white rubber roofing system in hopes to absorb less heat and UV rays.